snd_seq_event Struct Reference
[Sequencer Event Definitions]

Data Fields

snd_seq_event_type_t type
unsigned char flags
unsigned char tag
unsigned char queue
snd_seq_timestamp_t time
snd_seq_addr_t source
snd_seq_addr_t dest
union {
   snd_seq_ev_note_t   note
   snd_seq_ev_ctrl_t   control
   snd_seq_ev_raw8_t   raw8
   snd_seq_ev_raw32_t   raw32
   snd_seq_ev_ext_t   ext
   snd_seq_ev_queue_control_t   queue
   snd_seq_timestamp_t   time
   snd_seq_addr_t   addr
   snd_seq_connect_t   connect
   snd_seq_result_t   result

Detailed Description

Sequencer event

Field Documentation

snd_seq_event_type_t snd_seq_event::type

event type

unsigned char snd_seq_event::flags

event flags

unsigned char snd_seq_event::tag


unsigned char snd_seq_event::queue

schedule queue

snd_seq_timestamp_t snd_seq_event::time

schedule time

snd_seq_addr_t snd_seq_event::source

source address

snd_seq_addr_t snd_seq_event::dest

destination address

snd_seq_ev_note_t snd_seq_event::note

note information

snd_seq_ev_ctrl_t snd_seq_event::control

MIDI control information

snd_seq_ev_raw8_t snd_seq_event::raw8

raw8 data

snd_seq_ev_raw32_t snd_seq_event::raw32

raw32 data

snd_seq_ev_ext_t snd_seq_event::ext

external data

snd_seq_ev_queue_control_t snd_seq_event::queue

queue control

snd_seq_addr_t snd_seq_event::addr


snd_seq_connect_t snd_seq_event::connect

connect information

snd_seq_result_t snd_seq_event::result

operation result code

union { ... } snd_seq_event::data

event data...

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