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Grrr. Including category pages doesn't show the list of pages in that category!

Including the pages just gives their fixed text:

Soundcard manufacturers

Pages with information about card specific ALSA kernel modules.


This lists existing module information pages. See also Special:Wantedpages for Module-* pages that have not yet been created.

I took the list of modules from alsa-driver configure --help, and compared with list of modules in this wiki to get these lists. Most of these modules are not mentioned in any Vendor-* page

Output from configure not in matrix

Not in list from configure

Then I took the list from configure --help, and compared with list of kernel modules actually installed on my system.

Modules installed not in configure list:

Core modules

Toplevel modules? not used by others?

Library modules? I.e. used by other top level modules

Modules on config list not installed (probably just my config x86)

Suspicious about loopback and fm801-tea575x, maybe serialmidi

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