Chapter 15. How To Put Your Driver Into ALSA Tree

Table of Contents

Driver with A Single Source File
Drivers with Several Source Files


So far, you've learned how to write the driver codes. And you might have a question now: how to put my own driver into the ALSA driver tree? Here (finally :) the standard procedure is described briefly.

Suppose that you create a new PCI driver for the card xyz. The card module name would be snd-xyz. The new driver is usually put into the alsa-driver tree, alsa-driver/pci directory in the case of PCI cards. Then the driver is evaluated, audited and tested by developers and users. After a certain time, the driver will go to the alsa-kernel tree (to the corresponding directory, such as alsa-kernel/pci) and eventually will be integrated into the Linux 2.6 tree (the directory would be linux/sound/pci).

In the following sections, the driver code is supposed to be put into alsa-driver tree. The two cases are covered: a driver consisting of a single source file and one consisting of several source files.