AC97 Codec API

snd_ac97_write — write a value on the given register
snd_ac97_read — read a value from the given register
snd_ac97_write_cache — write a value on the given register and update the cache
snd_ac97_update — update the value on the given register
snd_ac97_update_bits — update the bits on the given register
snd_ac97_get_short_name — retrieve codec name
snd_ac97_bus — create an AC97 bus component
snd_ac97_mixer — create an Codec97 component
snd_ac97_update_power — update the powerdown register
snd_ac97_suspend — General suspend function for AC97 codec
snd_ac97_resume — General resume function for AC97 codec
snd_ac97_tune_hardware — tune up the hardware
snd_ac97_set_rate — change the rate of the given input/output.
snd_ac97_pcm_assign — assign AC97 slots to given PCM streams
snd_ac97_pcm_open — opens the given AC97 pcm
snd_ac97_pcm_close — closes the given AC97 pcm
snd_ac97_pcm_double_rate_rules — set double rate constraints