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my TODO list

  1. lots of other things
  2. CMI8788 and Xonar drivers
  3. use hrtimers in the MIDI sequencer
    ca. 25%
  4. usb-audio: allow shorter-than-1ms periods for high-speed devices (just remove the code that rounds periods to USB frames)
  5. usb-audio: handle MIDI write errors better
  6. move non-public headers out of linux/include/sound/
  7. PCI: annotate in-memory data structures read by bus master chips with __le/be
  8. implement (some?) OSS 4 API ioctls
  9. test (i.e., use) alsa-python
  10. use dev_printk?
  11. various subsystem send different and too many MIDI reset commands when a port is closed
  12. usb-audio: restructure
  13. OSS emulation by redirecting to user space (like FUSE, but we need ioctls and mmap)
  14. MIDI synth: support more sysex commands
  15. MIDI synth: MIDI tuning
  16. ymfpci: MIDI synth
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