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This command:

                        speaker-test -Dplug:surround51 -c6 -twav

suggested at, for testing 5.1 output, makes a sound plays forever until reboot. Other symptoms: The sound is slow and like if you are in a tunnel with an echo, delayed. I am also still having choppy video problems. I made any kind of changes but none helped. Any sound played starts to play and then keeps playing that first little part, sometimes forever until I close the application, be this a game such as Lagno, a .wav song, a video, the very login sound, or whatever. The sound problem makes videos to play too slow, extremely slow, in Totem. A time I could play them right in VLC by setting VLC's audio to alsa instead of pulseaudio, I think (don't remember), but then I had no sound. I've tried Ubuntu 7.10, 8.10 and 9. No progress. There is no solution for this issue.

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