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  <nowiki>[http://my.homepage.net/~me/mymodule-additional-notes.html</nowiki> My additional Notes for snd-mymodule<nowiki>]</nowiki>
  <nowiki>*[http://my.homepage.net/~me/mymodule-additional-notes.html</nowiki> My additional Notes for snd-mymodule<nowiki>]</nowiki>

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Universal Soundcard Description

All pages for the Soundcard Matrix MUST BE stored in the Matrix namespace, so the wiki page name must start with "Matrix:"!

Vendor page (Matrix:Vendor-*)

Each page must start with including this template :


Each page must end with including this template :


Module page (Matrix:Module-*)

Include the information given by modinfo command into Template:Modinfo parameters:

|module=module name
|name of first module param: description of first module param
| etc
|name of tenth module param: description of tenth module param

Also link to the soundcard template should be provided:

{{Matrix:Soundcard|name=full card name here|module=module_without_snd_here}}

Note: The last section of template Matrix:Soundcard is Links, with generic links and specific links. If you have additional specific links to your module page, add them directly after the template.


*[http://my.homepage.net/~me/mymodule-additional-notes.html My additional Notes for snd-mymodule]
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