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Advanced Linux Sound Architecture

Please, help us!

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The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) provides audio and MIDI functionality to the Linux operating system. ALSA has the following significant features:

  • Efficient support for all types of audio interfaces, from consumer soundcards to professional multichannel audio interfaces.
  • Fully modularized sound drivers.
  • SMP and thread-safe design.
  • User space library (alsa-lib) to simplify application programming and provide higher level functionality.
  • Support for the older OSS API, providing binary compatibility for most OSS programs.

ALSA is released under the GPL (GNU General Public license) and the LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License).

We need users to use, test and provide feedback, programmers to work on low level drivers, writers to extend and improve our documentation, and application developers who choose to use ALSA as the basis for their programs. If you are interested, please subscribe to a mailing list.

We welcome all constructive ideas, opinions and feedback!

Hardware manufacturers

Hardware manufacturers might look to this page and provide feedback.

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