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! Package
! Package
! Stable Release  
! Stable Release  
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! Development Release
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! Description

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[edit] Latest Software Source Releases

Package Stable Release


Development Release Description
Drivers (see kernel.org) (see kernel.org) Kernel drivers
Firmware (alsa-firmware) 1.0.29 none Firmware for cards that require it
Library (alsa-lib) 1.1.5 none Userspace library
Plugins (alsa-plugins) 1.1.5 none Additional library plugins Eg.jack, pulse, maemo ...
Utilities (alsa-utils) 1.1.5 none Utilities aplay,arecord,amixer etc
Tools (alsa-tools) 1.1.5 none Tools
PyALSA (pyalsa) 1.0.29 none Python bindings for ALSA lib
OSS compat lib (alsa-oss) 1.0.28 none OSS compatibility library

See ChangeLogs to find out what has changed since the previous release.

[edit] Detailed package descriptions

[edit] alsa-driver

alsa-driver contains the ALSA components that run in kernel space (e.g. all the modules). It also contains a few user-space components, including the alsasound startup script and a set of ALSA headers.

This package is now obsolete, as kernel.org is now taking updates to the modules directly from the ALSA GIT server.
The old drivers (alsa-driver) are still available.

[edit] alsa-lib

alsa-lib contains the user space library that developers compile ALSA applications against.

[edit] alsa-utils

alsa-utils contains various generic ALSA command line tools, such as amixer, aplay, alsaconf, etc.

[edit] alsa-tools

alsa-tools contains various more obscure tools and loaders.

[edit] alsa-firmware

alsa-firmware contains binary drivers for various third-party products.

[edit] alsa-plugins

alsa-plugins contains plugins for various ALSA needs (e.g. Jack).

[edit] alsa-oss

alsa-oss contains the OSS compatibilty layer.

[edit] pyalsa

pyalsa contains the Python bindings for ALSA

[edit] .bz2 extension handling

The .bz2 extension belongs to the bzip2 compression utility which replaces gzip. You may unpack the .tar.bz2 files directly using one of the following commands:

        using the newer version of tar:
tar -xjf <file>

        or, using the older version of tar:
tar -xIf <file>

        or, with all versions of tar:
bunzip2 -c <file> | tar -xf -

[edit] FTP Access

Primary Site

Asia Mirrors

US Mirrors

Europe Mirrors

[edit] FTP via HTTP (web) access

Asia Sites

Europe Sites

[edit] Developers: GIT access

[edit] Online Snapshot From ALSA Server

Tarballs are generated from the latest code in ALSA GIT repositories immediately. Get very fresh ALSA code now.

[edit] Daily Snapshot Tarballs (from Takashi Iwai)

The tarballs of the latest GIT version with ready-for-build configure script are available at:

[edit] Tracker System

[edit] Rsync

ALSA rsync access
URL rsync://rsync.alsa-project.org/ftp
Access read-only
Description read-only access to the whole FTP tree
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