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Detailed changes v1.0.27.1 v1.0.27.2

[edit] Changelog between and releases

[edit] alsa-lib

[edit] Core

Release v1.0.27.2
Allow specifying the max number of cards

[edit] Control API

Allow specifying the max number of cards

[edit] HWDEP API

Allow specifying the max number of cards

[edit] PCM API

pcm_direct: fix SEGFAULT when getgrnam_r() returns 0 and pgrp is NULL
pcm_hw: Fix buffer overflow in chmap
chmap: Always succeed setting the map to what it already is
pcm_direct: fix the memory leak when parsing the slave definitions
pcm_plugin: Fix return value of snd_pcm_rewind
pcm_hw: Remove unused fields in struct
pcm: Fix typo in documentation: PREPARE → PREPARED.

[edit] Use Case Manager API

ucm: Fix segfault when device argument is missing from _sw{dev, mod}

[edit] Configuration

Allow specifying the max number of cards

[edit] alsa-utils

[edit] Core

Release v1.0.27.2
Require alsa-lib 1.0.27.

[edit] ALSA Control (alsactl)

alsactl: return back the udevrules_DATA rule for 90-alsa-restore.rules
alsactl init: ca0106 file was omitted

[edit] Speaker Test

speaker-test: Fix wrong wave file played back in chmap setup

[edit] amixer

amixer: Print TLV of channel map controls
amixer: fix print_dB for -0.99 .. -0.01 range
amixer: Fix the hctl elem search bug
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