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Road Map of future ASoC development (in progress items are currently in ppc-dev branch).

Road Map

  • Move I2C probing out of codec and into machine drivers. This should also allow the pcm and card registraion to move into the machine driver.
    Implemented in asoc-v2-dev branch.
  • Look into creating a DAI (digital audio interface), codec and Platform DMA device class drivers. This should create a standard set of operations and capabilities for each end (codec and SoC controller) of the DAI and should simplify configuration & development. This would allow allow each device to be individually probed.
    Implemented in asoc-v2-dev branch.
  • Move audio map into userspace. This should then allow scenario's to be defined by specifying the source and sink (instead of by each mixer setting).
  • Add support for multiple substreams.
    Implemented in asoc-v2-dev branch.
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