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A52 pluginALSA 0.9.x Developer documentation
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ChangeLogsChanges 1.0.12rc3 v1.0.12Changes 1.0.13rc3 v1.0.13
Changes 1.0.9 v1.0.10Changes v1-0-14--v1-0-14a
Changes v1.0.10 v1.0.11Changes v1.0.10 v1.0.11 detailed1Changes v1.0.10 v1.0.11rc1
Changes v1.0.10rc1 v1.0.10rc2Changes v1.0.10rc2 v1.0.10rc3Changes v1.0.10rc3 v1.0.10
Changes v1.0.11 v1.0.12Changes v1.0.11 v1.0.12rc1Changes v1.0.11rc1 v1.0.11rc2
Changes v1.0.11rc2 v1.0.11rc3Changes v1.0.11rc3 v1.0.11rc4Changes v1.0.11rc4 v1.0.11rc5
Changes v1.0.12 v1.0.13Changes v1.0.12 v1.0.13rc1Changes v1.0.12rc1 v1.0.12rc2
Changes v1.0.12rc2 v1.0.12rc3Changes v1.0.13 v1.0.14Changes v1.0.13 v1.0.14rc1
Changes v1.0.13rc1 v1.0.13rc2Changes v1.0.13rc2 v1.0.13rc3Changes v1.0.13rc3 v1.0.13
Changes v1.0.14 v1.0.14aChanges v1.0.14 v1.0.15Changes v1.0.14 v1.0.15 detail
Changes v1.0.14 v1.0.15rc1Changes v1.0.14rc1 v1.0.14rc2Changes v1.0.14rc2 v1.0.14rc3
Changes v1.0.14rc3 v1.0.14rc4Changes v1.0.14rc4 v1.0.14Changes v1.0.15 v1.0.16
Changes v1.0.15 v1.0.16 detailChanges v1.0.15 v1.0.16rc1Changes v1.0.15 v1.0.16rc1 detail
Changes v1.0.15rc1 v1.0.15rc2Changes v1.0.15rc2 v1.0.15rc3Changes v1.0.16 v1.0.17
Changes v1.0.16 v1.0.17rc1Changes v1.0.16 v1.0.17rc1 detailChanges v1.0.16rc1 v1.0.16rc2
Changes v1.0.16rc2 v1.0.16Changes v1.0.17 v1.0.17aChanges v1.0.17 v1.0.18
Changes v1.0.17a v1.0.18rc1Changes v1.0.17rc1 v1.0.17rc2Changes v1.0.17rc2 v1.0.17rc3
Changes v1.0.17rc3 v1.0.17Changes v1.0.18 v1.0.18aChanges v1.0.18 v1.0.19
Changes v1.0.18rc1 v1.0.18rc2Changes v1.0.18rc2 v1.0.18rc3Changes v1.0.18rc3 v1.0.18
Changes v1.0.19 v1.0.20Changes v1.0.20 v1.0.21Changes v1.0.21 v1.0.21a
Changes v1.0.21 v1.0.22Changes v1.0.22 v1.0.22.1Changes v1.0.22 v1.0.23
Changes v1.0.23 v1.0.24Changes v1.0.24 v1.0.25Changes v1.0.25 v1.0.26
Changes v1.0.26 v1.0.27Changes v1.0.27.1 v1.0.27.2Changes v1.0.27.2 v1.0.28
Changes v1.0.27 v1.0.27.1Changes v1.0.28 v1.0.29Changes v1.0.29 v1.1.0
Changes v1.0.7 v1.0.8Changes v1.0.8 v1.0.9Changes v1.0.9 v1.0.9a
Changes v1.0.9a v1.0.9bChanges v1.0.9b v1.0.10rc1Changes v1.1.0 v1.1.1
Changes v1.1.1 v1.1.2Changes v1.1.2 v1.1.3Changes v1.1.3 v1.1.4
Changes v1.1.4.1 v1.1.5Changes v1.1.4 v1.1.4.1Changes v1.1.4 v1.1.5
Changes v1.1.5 v1.1.6Changes v1.1.6 v1.1.7Changing card IDs with udev
ConfEdin2013ConferencesCookie Policy
Current eventsD.e.s.k Support +1-8***88**527**3401@@Gmail T.e.c.h S.u.p.p.o.r.t P.h.o.n.e n.u.m.b.e.r.DAPM
Delta 1010lt MixerDetailed HDA changes v1.0.17rc1 v1.0.17rc2Detailed HDA changes v1.0.23 v1.0.24
Detailed HDA changes v1.0.24 v1.0.25Detailed HDA changes v1.1.0 v1.1.1Detailed HDA changes v1.1.2 v1.1.3
Detailed SoC changes v1.0.17rc1 v1.0.17rc2Detailed SoC changes v1.0.23 v1.0.24Detailed SoC changes v1.0.24 v1.0.25
Detailed SoC changes v1.1.0 v1.1.1Detailed SoC changes v1.1.2 v1.1.3Detailed changes v1.0.17rc1 v1.0.17rc2
Detailed changes v1.0.23 v1.0.24Detailed changes v1.0.24 v1.0.25Detailed changes v1.0.26 v1.0.27
Detailed changes v1.0.27.1 v1.0.27.2Detailed changes v1.0.27.2 v1.0.28Detailed changes v1.0.27 v1.0.27.1
Detailed changes v1.0.28 v1.0.29Detailed changes v1.0.29 v1.1.0Detailed changes v1.1.0 v1.1.1
Detailed changes v1.1.1 v1.1.2Detailed changes v1.1.2 v1.1.3Detailed changes v1.1.3 v1.1.4
Detailed changes v1.1.4.1 v1.1.5Detailed changes v1.1.4 v1.1.4.1Detailed changes v1.1.4 v1.1.5
Detailed changes v1.1.5 v1.1.6Detailed changes v1.1.6 v1.1.7DevEmbedded
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