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Comments from dev wiki

Any idea when SB Live! External will be able to capture audio ?

I'm using SB Live! for a project which requires audio capture, I'm happy to try beta version. -- (2006-11-24 07:15:12)

5.1 whit mp3?a duplicate front like emu10k1 in ca106? -- (2007-04-21 19:42:44)

The Audigy SE sound card has MIDI out capability throught soundfont loading. But asfxload does not work with ca0106. So no way to load midi instruments at my knowledge. This is a shame because Midi out port seems to be configured correctly by ca0106, as may be seen from a secuencer MIDI programa as seq24 for example. -- (2007-05-01 10:40:55)

Combination of dmix and surround51 working for SB Audigy SE at last? -- (2007-07-20 01:33:57)

I'm capturing sound now with this card. I followed the instructions on: and the mic works! remember set Digital in to "i2s in" an turn up mic volume. Works with a SB0570.

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