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timer_query.c File Reference


int snd_timer_query_open (snd_timer_query_t **timer, const char *name, int mode)
 Opens a new connection to the timer query interface.
int snd_timer_query_open_lconf (snd_timer_query_t **timer, const char *name, int mode, snd_config_t *lconf)
 Opens a new connection to the timer query interface using local configuration.
int snd_timer_query_close (snd_timer_query_t *timer)
 close timer query handle
int snd_timer_query_next_device (snd_timer_query_t *timer, snd_timer_id_t *tid)
 obtain the next timer identification
size_t snd_timer_ginfo_sizeof (void)
 get size of the snd_timer_ginfo_t structure in bytes
int snd_timer_ginfo_malloc (snd_timer_ginfo_t **info)
 allocate a new snd_timer_ginfo_t structure
void snd_timer_ginfo_free (snd_timer_ginfo_t *info)
 frees the snd_timer_ginfo_t structure
void snd_timer_ginfo_copy (snd_timer_ginfo_t *dst, const snd_timer_ginfo_t *src)
 copy one snd_timer_info_t structure to another
int snd_timer_ginfo_set_tid (snd_timer_ginfo_t *obj, snd_timer_id_t *tid)
 set timer identification
snd_timer_id_tsnd_timer_ginfo_get_tid (snd_timer_ginfo_t *obj)
 get timer identification
unsigned int snd_timer_ginfo_get_flags (snd_timer_ginfo_t *obj)
 get timer flags
int snd_timer_ginfo_get_card (snd_timer_ginfo_t *obj)
 get associated card with timer
char * snd_timer_ginfo_get_id (snd_timer_ginfo_t *obj)
 get timer identification
char * snd_timer_ginfo_get_name (snd_timer_ginfo_t *obj)
 get timer name
unsigned long snd_timer_ginfo_get_resolution (snd_timer_ginfo_t *obj)
 get timer resolution in ns
unsigned long snd_timer_ginfo_get_resolution_min (snd_timer_ginfo_t *obj)
 get timer minimal resolution in ns
unsigned long snd_timer_ginfo_get_resolution_max (snd_timer_ginfo_t *obj)
 get timer maximal resolution in ns
unsigned int snd_timer_ginfo_get_clients (snd_timer_ginfo_t *obj)
 get current timer clients
int snd_timer_query_info (snd_timer_query_t *timer, snd_timer_ginfo_t *info)
 obtain the timer global information
int snd_timer_query_params (snd_timer_query_t *timer, snd_timer_gparams_t *params)
 set the timer global parameters
int snd_timer_query_status (snd_timer_query_t *timer, snd_timer_gstatus_t *status)
 get the timer global status
size_t snd_timer_id_sizeof ()
 get size of the snd_timer_id_t structure in bytes
int snd_timer_id_malloc (snd_timer_id_t **info)
 allocate a new snd_timer_id_t structure
void snd_timer_id_free (snd_timer_id_t *info)
 frees the snd_timer_id_t structure
void snd_timer_id_copy (snd_timer_id_t *dst, const snd_timer_id_t *src)
 copy one snd_timer_id_t structure to another
void snd_timer_id_set_class (snd_timer_id_t *tid, int dev_class)
 set timer class
int snd_timer_id_get_class (snd_timer_id_t *tid)
 get timer class
void snd_timer_id_set_sclass (snd_timer_id_t *tid, int dev_sclass)
 set timer sub-class
int snd_timer_id_get_sclass (snd_timer_id_t *tid)
 get timer sub-class
void snd_timer_id_set_card (snd_timer_id_t *tid, int card)
 set timer card
int snd_timer_id_get_card (snd_timer_id_t *tid)
 get timer card
void snd_timer_id_set_device (snd_timer_id_t *tid, int device)
 set timer device
int snd_timer_id_get_device (snd_timer_id_t *tid)
 get timer device
void snd_timer_id_set_subdevice (snd_timer_id_t *tid, int subdevice)
 set timer subdevice
int snd_timer_id_get_subdevice (snd_timer_id_t *tid)
 get timer subdevice

Detailed Description

Jaroslav Kysela

Timer Query Interface is designed to obtain identification of timers.