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timer.c File Reference

Timer Interface. More...


int snd_timer_open (snd_timer_t **timer, const char *name, int mode)
 Opens a new connection to the timer interface.
int snd_timer_open_lconf (snd_timer_t **timer, const char *name, int mode, snd_config_t *lconf)
 Opens a new connection to the timer interface using local configuration.
int snd_timer_close (snd_timer_t *timer)
 close timer handle
const char * snd_timer_name (snd_timer_t *timer)
 get identifier of timer handle
snd_timer_type_t snd_timer_type (snd_timer_t *timer)
 get type of timer handle
int snd_async_add_timer_handler (snd_async_handler_t **handler, snd_timer_t *timer, snd_async_callback_t callback, void *private_data)
 Add an async handler for a timer.
snd_timer_tsnd_async_handler_get_timer (snd_async_handler_t *handler)
 Return timer handle related to an async handler.
int snd_timer_poll_descriptors_count (snd_timer_t *timer)
 get count of poll descriptors for timer handle
int snd_timer_poll_descriptors (snd_timer_t *timer, struct pollfd *pfds, unsigned int space)
 get poll descriptors
int snd_timer_poll_descriptors_revents (snd_timer_t *timer, struct pollfd *pfds, unsigned int nfds, unsigned short *revents)
 get returned events from poll descriptors
int snd_timer_nonblock (snd_timer_t *timer, int nonblock)
 set nonblock mode
size_t snd_timer_info_sizeof ()
 get size of the snd_timer_info_t structure in bytes
int snd_timer_info_malloc (snd_timer_info_t **info)
 allocate a new snd_timer_info_t structure
void snd_timer_info_free (snd_timer_info_t *info)
 frees the snd_timer_info_t structure
void snd_timer_info_copy (snd_timer_info_t *dst, const snd_timer_info_t *src)
 copy one snd_timer_info_t structure to another
int snd_timer_info_is_slave (snd_timer_info_t *info)
 determine, if timer is slave
int snd_timer_info_get_card (snd_timer_info_t *info)
 get timer card
const char * snd_timer_info_get_id (snd_timer_info_t *info)
 get timer id
const char * snd_timer_info_get_name (snd_timer_info_t *info)
 get timer name
long snd_timer_info_get_resolution (snd_timer_info_t *info)
 get timer resolution in us
int snd_timer_info (snd_timer_t *timer, snd_timer_info_t *info)
 get information about timer handle
size_t snd_timer_params_sizeof ()
 get size of the snd_timer_params_t structure in bytes
int snd_timer_params_malloc (snd_timer_params_t **params)
 allocate a new snd_timer_params_t structure
void snd_timer_params_free (snd_timer_params_t *params)
 frees the snd_timer_params_t structure
void snd_timer_params_copy (snd_timer_params_t *dst, const snd_timer_params_t *src)
 copy one snd_timer_params_t structure to another
int snd_timer_params_set_auto_start (snd_timer_params_t *params, int auto_start)
 set timer auto start
int snd_timer_params_get_auto_start (snd_timer_params_t *params)
 determine if timer has auto start flag
int snd_timer_params_set_exclusive (snd_timer_params_t *params, int exclusive)
 set timer exclusive use
int snd_timer_params_get_exclusive (snd_timer_params_t *params)
 determine if timer has exclusive flag
int snd_timer_params_set_early_event (snd_timer_params_t *params, int early_event)
 set timer early event
int snd_timer_params_get_early_event (snd_timer_params_t *params)
 determine if timer has early event flag
void snd_timer_params_set_ticks (snd_timer_params_t *params, long ticks)
 set timer ticks
long snd_timer_params_get_ticks (snd_timer_params_t *params)
 get timer ticks
void snd_timer_params_set_queue_size (snd_timer_params_t *params, long queue_size)
 set timer queue size (32-1024)
long snd_timer_params_get_queue_size (snd_timer_params_t *params)
 get queue size
void snd_timer_params_set_filter (snd_timer_params_t *params, unsigned int filter)
 set timer event filter
unsigned int snd_timer_params_get_filter (snd_timer_params_t *params)
 get timer event filter
int snd_timer_params (snd_timer_t *timer, snd_timer_params_t *params)
 set parameters for timer handle
size_t snd_timer_status_sizeof ()
 get size of the snd_timer_status_t structure in bytes
int snd_timer_status_malloc (snd_timer_status_t **status)
 allocate a new snd_timer_status_t structure
void snd_timer_status_free (snd_timer_status_t *status)
 frees the snd_timer_status_t structure
void snd_timer_status_copy (snd_timer_status_t *dst, const snd_timer_status_t *src)
 copy one snd_timer_status_t structure to another
snd_htimestamp_t snd_timer_status_get_timestamp (snd_timer_status_t *status)
 get timestamp
long snd_timer_status_get_resolution (snd_timer_status_t *status)
 get resolution in us
long snd_timer_status_get_lost (snd_timer_status_t *status)
 get master tick lost count
long snd_timer_status_get_overrun (snd_timer_status_t *status)
 get overrun count
long snd_timer_status_get_queue (snd_timer_status_t *status)
 get count of used queue elements
int snd_timer_status (snd_timer_t *timer, snd_timer_status_t *status)
 get status from timer handle
int snd_timer_start (snd_timer_t *timer)
 start the timer
int snd_timer_stop (snd_timer_t *timer)
 stop the timer
int snd_timer_continue (snd_timer_t *timer)
 continue the timer
ssize_t snd_timer_read (snd_timer_t *timer, void *buffer, size_t size)
 read bytes using timer handle
long snd_timer_info_get_ticks (snd_timer_info_t *info)
 (DEPRECATED) get maximum timer ticks

Detailed Description

Timer Interface.

Jaroslav Kysela

Timer Interface is designed to access timers. See Timer interface page for more details.

Function Documentation

const char* snd_timer_name ( snd_timer_t timer)

get identifier of timer handle

timera timer handle
ascii identifier of timer handle

Returns the ASCII identifier of given timer handle. It's the same identifier specified in snd_timer_open().

int snd_timer_nonblock ( snd_timer_t timer,
int  nonblock 

set nonblock mode

timertimer handle
nonblock0 = block, 1 = nonblock mode
0 on success otherwise a negative error code
snd_timer_type_t snd_timer_type ( snd_timer_t timer)

get type of timer handle

timera timer handle
type of timer handle

Returns the type snd_timer_type_t of given timer handle.