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Data Fields
snd_tplg_mixer_template Struct Reference

Template type for mixer control objects. More...

Data Fields

struct snd_tplg_ctl_template hdr
int min
int max
int platform_max
int invert
struct snd_soc_tplg_private * priv

Detailed Description

Template type for mixer control objects.

Field Documentation

struct snd_tplg_ctl_template snd_tplg_mixer_template::hdr

control type header

int snd_tplg_mixer_template::invert

whether controls bits are inverted

struct snd_tplg_channel_map_template* snd_tplg_mixer_template::map

channel map

int snd_tplg_mixer_template::max

max value for mixer

int snd_tplg_mixer_template::min

min value for mixer

int snd_tplg_mixer_template::platform_max

max value for platform control

struct snd_soc_tplg_private* snd_tplg_mixer_template::priv

control private data

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