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seq_midi_event.c File Reference

MIDI byte <-> sequencer event coder. More...


int snd_midi_event_new (size_t bufsize, snd_midi_event_t **rdev)
 Creates a MIDI event parser.
void snd_midi_event_free (snd_midi_event_t *dev)
 Frees a MIDI event parser.
void snd_midi_event_no_status (snd_midi_event_t *dev, int on)
 Enables/disables MIDI command merging.
void snd_midi_event_reset_encode (snd_midi_event_t *dev)
 Resets MIDI encode parser.
void snd_midi_event_reset_decode (snd_midi_event_t *dev)
 Resets MIDI decode parser.
void snd_midi_event_init (snd_midi_event_t *dev)
 Resets MIDI encode/decode parsers.
int snd_midi_event_resize_buffer (snd_midi_event_t *dev, size_t bufsize)
 Resizes the MIDI message encoding buffer.
long snd_midi_event_encode (snd_midi_event_t *dev, const unsigned char *buf, long count, snd_seq_event_t *ev)
 Encodes bytes to sequencer event.
int snd_midi_event_encode_byte (snd_midi_event_t *dev, int c, snd_seq_event_t *ev)
 Encodes byte to sequencer event.
long snd_midi_event_decode (snd_midi_event_t *dev, unsigned char *buf, long count, const snd_seq_event_t *ev)
 Decodes sequencer event to MIDI byte stream.

Detailed Description

MIDI byte <-> sequencer event coder.

Takashi Iwai
Jaroslav Kysela