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input.h File Reference

Application interface library for the ALSA driver. More...

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typedef struct _snd_input snd_input_t
 Internal structure for an input object.


enum  snd_input_type_t { SND_INPUT_STDIO, SND_INPUT_BUFFER }


int snd_input_stdio_open (snd_input_t **inputp, const char *file, const char *mode)
 Creates a new input object reading from a file.
int snd_input_stdio_attach (snd_input_t **inputp, FILE *fp, int _close)
 Creates a new input object using an existing stdio FILE pointer.
int snd_input_buffer_open (snd_input_t **inputp, const char *buffer, ssize_t size)
 Creates a new input object from a memory buffer.
int snd_input_close (snd_input_t *input)
 Closes an input handle.
int snd_input_scanf (snd_input_t *input, const char *format,...)
 Reads formatted input (like fscanf(3)) from an input handle.
char * snd_input_gets (snd_input_t *input, char *str, size_t size)
 Reads a line from an input handle (like fgets(3)).
int snd_input_getc (snd_input_t *input)
 Reads a character from an input handle (like fgetc(3)).
int snd_input_ungetc (snd_input_t *input, int c)
 Puts the last character read back to an input handle (like ungetc(3)).

Detailed Description

Application interface library for the ALSA driver.

Jaroslav Kysela
Abramo Bagnara
Takashi Iwai

Application interface library for the ALSA driver