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hwdep.c File Reference

HwDep Interface (hardware dependent) More...


int snd_hwdep_open (snd_hwdep_t **hwdep, const char *name, int mode)
 Opens a new connection to the HwDep interface.
int snd_hwdep_open_lconf (snd_hwdep_t **hwdep, const char *name, int mode, snd_config_t *lconf)
 Opens a new connection to the HwDep interface using local configuration.
int snd_hwdep_close (snd_hwdep_t *hwdep)
 close HwDep handle
const char * snd_hwdep_name (snd_hwdep_t *hwdep)
 get identifier of HwDep handle
snd_hwdep_type_t snd_hwdep_type (snd_hwdep_t *hwdep)
 get type of HwDep handle
int snd_hwdep_poll_descriptors_count (snd_hwdep_t *hwdep)
 get count of poll descriptors for HwDep handle
int snd_hwdep_poll_descriptors (snd_hwdep_t *hwdep, struct pollfd *pfds, unsigned int space)
 get poll descriptors
int snd_hwdep_poll_descriptors_revents (snd_hwdep_t *hwdep, struct pollfd *pfds, unsigned int nfds, unsigned short *revents)
 get returned events from poll descriptors
int snd_hwdep_nonblock (snd_hwdep_t *hwdep, int nonblock)
 set nonblock mode
size_t snd_hwdep_info_sizeof ()
 get size of the snd_hwdep_info_t structure in bytes
int snd_hwdep_info_malloc (snd_hwdep_info_t **info)
 allocate a new snd_hwdep_info_t structure
void snd_hwdep_info_free (snd_hwdep_info_t *info)
 frees the snd_hwdep_info_t structure
void snd_hwdep_info_copy (snd_hwdep_info_t *dst, const snd_hwdep_info_t *src)
 copy one snd_hwdep_info_t structure to another
int snd_hwdep_info_get_card (const snd_hwdep_info_t *obj)
 get hwdep card number
unsigned int snd_hwdep_info_get_device (const snd_hwdep_info_t *info)
 get hwdep device number
const char * snd_hwdep_info_get_id (const snd_hwdep_info_t *obj)
 get hwdep driver identifier
const char * snd_hwdep_info_get_name (const snd_hwdep_info_t *obj)
 get hwdep driver name
snd_hwdep_iface_t snd_hwdep_info_get_iface (const snd_hwdep_info_t *obj)
 get hwdep protocol interface
void snd_hwdep_info_set_device (snd_hwdep_info_t *obj, unsigned int val)
 set hwdep device number
int snd_hwdep_info (snd_hwdep_t *hwdep, snd_hwdep_info_t *info)
 get information about HwDep handle
int snd_hwdep_ioctl (snd_hwdep_t *hwdep, unsigned int request, void *arg)
 do hardware dependent ioctl
ssize_t snd_hwdep_write (snd_hwdep_t *hwdep, const void *buffer, size_t size)
 write bytes using HwDep handle
ssize_t snd_hwdep_read (snd_hwdep_t *hwdep, void *buffer, size_t size)
 read bytes using HwDep handle
int snd_hwdep_dsp_status (snd_hwdep_t *hwdep, snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t *info)
 get the DSP status information
int snd_hwdep_dsp_load (snd_hwdep_t *hwdep, snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *block)
 load the DSP block
size_t snd_hwdep_dsp_status_sizeof ()
 get size of the snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t structure in bytes
int snd_hwdep_dsp_status_malloc (snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t **info)
 allocate a new snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t structure
void snd_hwdep_dsp_status_free (snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t *info)
 frees the snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t structure
void snd_hwdep_dsp_status_copy (snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t *dst, const snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t *src)
 copy one snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t structure to another
unsigned int snd_hwdep_dsp_status_get_version (const snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t *obj)
 get the driver version of dsp loader
const char * snd_hwdep_dsp_status_get_id (const snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t *obj)
 get the driver id of dsp loader
unsigned int snd_hwdep_dsp_status_get_num_dsps (const snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t *obj)
 get number of dsp blocks
unsigned int snd_hwdep_dsp_status_get_dsp_loaded (const snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t *info)
 get the bit flags of the loaded dsp blocks
unsigned int snd_hwdep_dsp_status_get_chip_ready (const snd_hwdep_dsp_status_t *obj)
 get the chip status of dsp loader
size_t snd_hwdep_dsp_image_sizeof ()
 get size of the snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t structure in bytes
int snd_hwdep_dsp_image_malloc (snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t **info)
 allocate a new snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t structure
void snd_hwdep_dsp_image_free (snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *info)
 frees the snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t structure
void snd_hwdep_dsp_image_copy (snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *dst, const snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *src)
 copy one snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t structure to another
unsigned int snd_hwdep_dsp_image_get_index (const snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *obj)
 get the DSP block index
const char * snd_hwdep_dsp_image_get_name (const snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *obj)
 get the name of the DSP block
size_t snd_hwdep_dsp_image_get_length (const snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *obj)
 get the length of the DSP block
const void * snd_hwdep_dsp_image_get_image (const snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *obj)
 get the image pointer of the DSP block
void snd_hwdep_dsp_image_set_index (snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *obj, unsigned int index)
 set the DSP block index
void snd_hwdep_dsp_image_set_name (snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *obj, const char *name)
 set the name of the DSP block
void snd_hwdep_dsp_image_set_length (snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *obj, size_t length)
 set the DSP block length
void snd_hwdep_dsp_image_set_image (snd_hwdep_dsp_image_t *obj, void *image)
 set the DSP block image pointer

Detailed Description

HwDep Interface (hardware dependent)

Jaroslav Kysela

HwDep (hardware dependent) Interface is designed for individual hardware access. This interface does not cover any API specification.

Function Documentation

const char* snd_hwdep_name ( snd_hwdep_t hwdep)

get identifier of HwDep handle

hwdepa Hwdep handle
ascii identifier of HwDep handle

Returns the ASCII identifier of given HwDep handle. It's the same identifier specified in snd_hwdep_open().

int snd_hwdep_open_lconf ( snd_hwdep_t **  hwdep,
const char *  name,
int  mode,
snd_config_t lconf 

Opens a new connection to the HwDep interface using local configuration.

hwdepReturned handle (NULL if not wanted)
nameASCII identifier of the HwDep handle
modeOpen mode
lconfThe local configuration tree
0 on success otherwise a negative error code

Opens a new connection to the HwDep interface specified with an ASCII identifier and mode.

snd_hwdep_type_t snd_hwdep_type ( snd_hwdep_t hwdep)

get type of HwDep handle

hwdepa HwDep handle
type of HwDep handle

Returns the type snd_hwdep_type_t of given HwDep handle.